I went to my first Bradford City league game for a long time. If either of my long time readers can remember me blogging about the last time please tell me, but I reckon it was B.C. (Before Carping… though the lost blogs may contain the lost secret of what I thought at my last league game.. I bet it was moaning).

City scored two penalties, so I saw 4 soft goals, and 2 penalties.

It was 2-4 at half time and I was going to watch the second half, but decided to add to the 3 pints I had already given room to before arriving at the ground. The queue only ended 7 minutes into the second half, and from where I was watching the queue and the Rochdale goal, outside the gents toilet’s whose smell left no doubt as to where I was stood, I knew that leaving then would allow me to drink better beer and buy food for my food-less house.

At around my 8th pint I was talking to Joe in Wetherspoons (who I have known from when I started with City, 1982?) when a man even older than me came back to the bar, shook me hand, and told me I was a character. I had only tried to tell him about the Pie & Priestley Show as he was order coffees.

I also talked to Manny and Matt earlier in the Sparrow earlier on. Good men and true. I am a little dizzy now.