Came back on Grand Central. It was cold and clear skied all the way. Called in the Parcel Yard, Kings Cross Station, after walking around the area to make sure no proper, cheap, boozers were open that early. Decent pint of Arkells, but £4.10 for the pint!

Talked to nobody on the train apart from the bloke serving at the buffet: £3.10 for a bottle conditioned Little Valley Withens IPA, brewed in Hebden Bridge. I am not a fan of bottle conditioning but this is a very good beer.

It was such a nice day I got off at Brighouse and went to the Commercial – Railway and the Old Ship Inn. I do not know how the links to tweets will view. I tried, and failed to tweet them in the pubs, and had WiFi in the Old Ship, but failed both times.

The bad news is that Jones the Butchers, and the best meat and potato pies, have gone! Apparently a lad had been killed at the factory and the owner eventually gave up the trade. A real shame.

Home to a very cold house and a final demand from BT for a bill I paid weeks ago. I have been with them for over 2 years so if they start playing silly sods I can move on.