My 91 year old mother is physically fitter than she has been for months. Bev and I took her to Tilgate yesterday in a taxi so she could have her hair cut (she was looking like the Dulux dog).

She walked home and was giddy with it; which lasted the rest of the day.

This manic behaviour is great, but followed a bad, depressive day earlier in the week. I both triggered and helped.

I also got second hand info from my brother that I have a high chance of being on the asperger’s bus (though I do not have the route, let alone the chassis, number). The thing is that for a word describing behaviours that involve obsessive attention to, and retention of, detail the definition of aspergers seems about as vague as HM Government’s policy on railways. Like dyslexia people think it is a ‘scientific’ word because they can describe some symptoms and offer a glossy magazine theory; but there are so many symptoms and explanations that it becomes a meaningless word; which makes people like me VERY ANGRY!!! It is not as if I exhibit autistic reactions (smily face thing).

PS. In reply to questions: no, me and Bev are just good friend. She wanted to: …make my peace with your mother before it is too late. It was a nice of her and the visit did us all good.