Did the long commute today, later than I can remember ever doing it. It was the cheapest fare for the day by a long spend, and I got a fair bit of work done before leaving (see last two blogs) but the journey from Leeds onwards was numb, even with the train to Three Bridges stopping and going dark due to the line’s power being cut off.

I called into The Grove on my way; where I prompted a discussion about Plastercine, and where it was invented. I the early stages I had my urine taken on account of the way I pronounced Plastercine in a soft southern way; but that was as nothing to when I found out, and announced, that it was invented in Bath. It’s either Plas’ercin invinted in Ba’ht, or Plasterseen invented in Baarth: you can’t hav Plasterseen invinted in Baath.

Doughnut, the Grove’s west highland terrier, is still alive (my mother is as old as he is, in human years) and seemed to enjoy the good scratch and Good dog!s I gave him when he shuffled out.