After leaving BBC Radio 2 I found a soul/funk show on BBC Radio 6 which is really good. I only know the presenter from things what some of the people who had letters published in VIZ many years ago claimed to have done to him or his car (which I now remember was a Porsche).

Having written that I have to warn you that I can only remember names as well as Tony Blair can remember what he was told about destroying our economy and the lives of British soldiers, before he took us into a war for the sake of sucking up to a US President as corrupt as he is.

There may be a little alcohol helping me with what I am writing.

I hate news. I do not watch, read or listen to it. Nothing the news will tell me will help me live my life better, or help me be happier. I like Radio 3, partly because I like classical music, partly because I am a brainy sod; but mostly because it has less news than any other BBC station. I do not mind Radio 4 because it takes news seriously (and it’s news is not on every bleeding hour). I thought Radio 2 was the worse national station for news (badly written, morally outraged, re-written every ruddy hour as though it’s new every hour) but I have now found that Radio 6 MUSIC is the shitest news service of all. At least Radio 2 news sounds like the people doing it might know what they are woffling about.