Tonight I mailed BBC Radio 2’s Liza Tarbuck Show. I was only listening because someone was filling for Liza Tarbuck (who is a truly dreadful radio presenter; she makes things up as she goes along and is crap at doing so, then she gets snotty with the people who do respond). So I was looking forward to a Liza Tarbuck free few hours, unfortunately the bloke who was filling in started with an abysmal ‘really modern’ re-mixed/threaded/covered/warmed-over version of a ‘modern-to-me’ record that was shite to begin with when it came out a few years ago. I know that Radio 2 is really Radio 1 without the offensive fat bloke from Leeds; but their target audience will never be 20. Us old people outnumber them young buggers, so while nobody listens to Radio 1, playing any old youth crap on Radio 2 will result in lowering the percentage share (ie me) with no gain in youth, because the only youths listening will be wanting mature music; BECAUSE MATURE MUSIC IS WHAT RADIO 2 IS FOR YOU DRUG ADDLED; PORSCHE DRIVING; COMMITTEE PLEASING; TAX EATING; RADIO MANAGERS.