The thing is that I have had an attractive woman talk to me in a pub, and then phone me up; but I did give them a card (Christmas in that case) with my phone number on. Harder for someone to phone me if I have not given them my number.

I spent 16 out of a 24 hours in bed since the last post; which even for a man as lazy as me suggests all is not well, or rather that I am not at all well.

I did have paid work, albeit paid when I have finished. That could have been today, now it will be in the near-ish future.

I did get to the dentist, where I demanded the removal of a wisdom tooth. It will be taken out, but in a few weeks. I also have a filling to be redone because the present one has ‘settled’!? How does a filling settle? It is not made out of peat or mud.

The Christmas Pie show cannot happen in Lewes, Sussex, but may well be happening in Bradford instead.

Bought two ox tongues at John Kearns in Shipley. Just finished boiling one and pulling the skin off. £2.80 for more than a kilo of meat! And tongue is some of the best tasting meat I know.

Attractive Anita was not present at the Sparrow, but as I was carrying cards, by pure chance, I did give one to various folk, including a lass from the Daily Mail who was interviewing Paul at the Castle about his parent’s 87th wedding anniversary (As seen on the One Show).