Was going to go to Lewes to try and flog Curry & Kipling, and foolishly bought a train ticket on-line; but then I watched this morning’s weather. Two channels virtually guaranteed rain for the area today, with sun tomorrow. Standing in the street with the foot wide pie does not work in the rain; and I baked a new one last night – the old one shattered after 26 months. I chickened out of going, and lost the fare, and it did not shodding rain more than 3 drops until late flecking afternoon!

I am glad I did not go as I was really tired, but hate to see Southern trains richer for no effort. I also ended up still doing a fair bit of work for ma. She has bought a walking aid (after months of waiting for Social Services to provide one). She has now got no step access, but the frontdoor door threshold is awkward for the wheels of the walker. I have rigged up carpet tiles so it does not catch on the way out, and went to B&Q to get a piece of lumber to make a ramp for the outside. I got a piece of off–cut 8 mil MDF for 50p! Making it into a safe and non-slip ramp is proving fiddly work though.

I also got her a large print book from the library to see if she could read it, as her eyes are failing and she cannot read any of her Bible’s. Turned out she could read it without her magnifying glass, so the next step is getting a large print Bible. I also played her a podcast of music from her land of Karelia. She got up and danced to a tune she danced to as a teenager when she won a prize.