This year’s Pie & Priestley Night was probably the best show I have done. The Elephant and Castle is a good venue and the pies, cooked by landlord Hew, were splendid; Bev came to Lewes to run front of house (a massive help, and a massive thanks Bev); the audience were lovely and large enough for me to at least break even (I’ve yet to tot up); and I did well, both in terms of the performance and the technicalities.

Amongst the audience were John, editor of the J.B.Priestley Society newsletter, who came to the first P&P Night show I did in 1998 (it was grand to catch up); young Callum, one of oldest mate Tony’s lads; and Anne, who went to school with Priestley’s daughters and knew him! The and all the rest of the audience helped make the night.

Next is my Curry & Kipling Night at the same venue, on 4th Oct. (National Poetry Day).

I have discovered how to create new blogs on, so Curry & Kipling Night will be on a separate site, and will point there, probably next week.