I have not been blogging because nightmares with joomla and changes to wordpress means I cannot create any new web pages, so this is my only web presence, and so it had to be about the Pie & Priestley show and nothing else.

The next blog will be a show report but to this blog is to catch up on news.


I had to go to East Surrey Hospital on Tuesday to have my left eye examined. I have had a permanent, fixed ‘floater’ just off the centre of the vision, in that eye, for a few days. It is really distracting and caused me to stab myself.

It turns out to be caused by internal bleeding and does not seems be too serious. If it stays I will get used to it, but it would worry me if I drove, or had to operate dangerous machinery for a living.

I will have to go back for more tests soon. In the meantime I really need to get two broken tooth fillings looked at.


Her drive and front garden have been blocked paved. It is the biggest change to the house in its 55 year history, and felt really weird after it was done.

Ma is up and down but generally ok.


While I have been away wordpress.com has been turned into very annoying crap. I am struggling to even post, and cannot create new sites, which I could do easily before; so I cannot have show pages.


I have invested an enormous amount of time trying to create a website using a website management system called joomla. I ran the front end of the old website for years, which has left me with just the wrong amount of knowledge. If I had none I would have been satisfied with the very limited options that the joomla tutorials offer: if I knew more I could write the code to do what I wanted: as it is I have bodged beyond breaking.