Since getting the exhibition up and going, and cutting grass and brambles for money, I had a bit of an ill in bed, Gladstone, holiday. My brother would tut at this point and pronounce that the sneezing was just post stress reaction; ex’s might blame the alcohol; and I would offer cats and dust; but whatever the cause the result was I managed to re-read J.B.Priestley’s The Good Companions in 42 hours; and enjoyed it more than any previous reading. You never think it is clever while you are reading it, but if you stop (as I was doing all the time) to think about how and what he was writing it is very, very clever; and groundbreaking for its time. The thing is that it was a sales phenomena, so any deep criticism that discussed its cleverness was left behind.

I met Bev today to show her my exhibition, and we then had dinner at Mamma Mia’s, Bradford. Good food and not over facing portions. It is a toss up between it and Orlando’s for me. You get more at Orlando’s, but if I get 2 courses from their early bird special I cannot eat all my spaghetti; so as I write this I am thinking that while Mamma Mia’s spaghetti bolognese was better; Orlando’s was good, and there was more of it, so I would not need a second course, which would save me money. Orlando’s is further for me to travel though.

Me and Bev seemed to have settled how to split up and still be mates; which pleases us both: but especially me, seeing she now pays me to do her garden and loft! I just need a few more thinking I am worth an effort, and who manage to get close, but who then tire of my snoring, grunting, and constant talking, especially when watching a favourite tv show; but who still needs the garden doing. Just a few more and I can stay off the dole!