Brought tears to my eyes. Powerful film, which finished with ‘Waterloo Sunset’ which brought the tears. I loved it even before singing as I walked from New Cross Gate (where I woke up to find the lass I was with shagging my best mate in front of the Gas Miser) to Victoria, with a pause to wonder about throwing myself in ‘the dirty old river, from Charring Cross Bridge. All this between midnight and dawn.

It’s been a fair two days. No more sales today; sitting in the Sparrow was just drinking with mates. On the other hand I earned money cutting grass and have a free, self catering, night away from home.

I also rescued the hard drive from my 12 year old iMac, and got it working. I wanted to do that last week, so I could print some of the images from the original file rather than hving to scan, but the part I need did not come soon enough. Better really. The exhibits are fine, and the I did not need bigger pictures than I had; but I can now do them.