July 2012

Shakespeare made the language of the English. He created more phrases than you can count and more than enough of the world’s best plays.

If he had only written A Winters Tale you could park in Stratford-upon-Avon any day of the week, summer or winter. The first half is a modern episode of Eastenders stretched to over an hour by making characters talk too much; and the second half is Benidorm with Paul Daniels doing Tony Cooper at the end; with the characters talking as much as they did in the first half.

The production I saw today was a very good production. I stayed on till the end because they did so well, and none were paid; and at least some of them have no thought of ever wanting to get paid to act; but no matter how well you polish you cannot polish a turd (as someone once claimed to me that their grandmother always said). The real puzzle is why a company that does only 3 or 4 shows a year did a play that is rarely done (it’s not done because it is shit!).

I am glad I saw it; I will know never to see the play again, and know where lots of now cliched phrases come from; but I cannot help but think there must be Shakespeare plays much better suited to the company, time and place.

Did lots of stuff this week, including that four letter word: work!
I finally got around to getting all the contents from the websites that lived on mate Roger’s hard drive; including 1100 blog entries; at least 800 of which predate this bog. I will try and transfer them just to make a record.

Exhibition poster for Lines of Pleasure - Lines of Power, Sparrow Beir Cafe from 10th Aug

Exhibition poster for Lines of Pleasure – Lines of Power, Sparrow Beir Cafe from 10th Aug

Celebrating St. Laurence Day, patron of pylons,
and the forthcoming book.

Lines of Pleasure
Lines of Power

An exhibition of pylon
art, poetry & sculpture
by Glyn Watkins

Sparrow Bier Cafe North Parade
Bradford BD1 3HZ. From 10.8.12

Glyn will be there talking from 4pm. 10, 11 Aug.

Went in my favourite sandwich shop for the first time in a while today. Discovered I had been missed by the woman who runs it, discovered her name (Pauline) and that she had reverted to natural and really was a red head. I got really excited, but no matter how hard I trust my hands in my pockets I could not find a single one of my Wayne Jacobs Little Red Head Book‘s. She seemed eager though, and may even pay me for more than one, seeing it runs in her family.

I have suddenly developed a craving for salad sandwiches in white, with egg, onion and a touch of salad cream. Can’t think why.

Decided to go to a Halifax cricket league game on Sunday, at Lightcliffe Cricket Club. Made my mind up to only use the new, to me, iPhone 3GS. Did not take a map or even study the route. Thanks to the map app deciding I wanted the Lightcliffe Club I walked the wrong way after I got of the bus; then the signal started coming and going. I walked 5 miles to Oakenshaw, which was 5 miles further away from the cricket club than when I started.

It taught me how to better use the phone (if I cannot see the blue dot flashing I need to stop and check which end of the line I am at) but it mostly taught me not to trust a smart phone outside concentrations of the middle classes.

I have used Apple computers from the days when they were called Macintosh’s. I have a second hand iPhone 3GS. I want to run slides from it. I have Keynote on the expensive mac I am writing this on. I had to buy it again for the iPhone 3GS. Turns out that there is no VGA cable that will work with an iPhone 3GS. Spent 30 flecking quid on an official Apple (we want your blood as well as your soul) AV cable. That works with youtube but not with fucking Keynote, which cost me 7 quid, TWICE! Bastards.

I sold a book today! Ed from Derbyshire knew at least as much about pylons as me, and had strong opinions, apologised when I pointed out that he did not need to shout, and paid full price for a book. Learnt that all plastic bags are now made in the far east because the Government imposed rules on making them here, but not importing them from places where the only rule is money.

Also gave my details to Chris from BCB, with the assurance that if she was desperate I would happily fill any hole in her schedule (as a general rule: I only need to be asked).

Recently it did not rain for 49 hours! It was very strange.

I have changed GP. I should go public about what a dire, dangerous and aggressive shambles the Park Lane surgery (BD5, the one with Thornton and Cochin in) is. The doctors are old women of both sexes, but that would not bother me, what is totally unacceptable is the reception staff and system, which could not be worse if Franz Kafka had written them.

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