Bloody roofers did not bother turning up today, or phone to tell me. Nothing I can do but seeing they need electricity, which means a window open, I can either leave a window open when I go out; or have them not working when they turn up; or bloody well stay at home! FFS

Did do do plenty of work, but I am now going boggy eyed from sitting here doing stuff like this. Managed the posters for Priestley and for Kipling; but building the new website is getting grim.


I am trying to use joomla (a management software) to create and manage the new website, and my new host has an installation program especially for it; so I used that but I cannot see joomla! Turns out I have to have my bradwan URL pointing to the new host to see joomla as installed; but I will not point it there until the site is built. I could upload without pointing, but with a code that I could not enter in the installation. Now I am stuck. I do not know if uploading a different way will screw what’s there. I will leave this machine alone for a while and start again.