Did lots of stuff today including formally applying for permission to do the J.B.Priestley readings at the Pie & Priestley in Lewes (Have I blogged about that?).

Also responded to a good offer from the Lewes Octoberfeast.

Then went to BCB to appear on Act Now (the link should take you to the pod thing for the show until 31st July 2012).

Came home and discovered what I thought was a pikey lurking in me passage, turned out to be Steve the roofer, who was waiting on scaffolders. It really caught me on the hop as I was not expecting him till next week and have no intention of leaving the house empty at night with scaffolding up; and I was going to prep a loft tonight for a job later in the week. Still, the sooner my roof is done the better.

As I am stuck in the house I went looking for beer in the cellar. Found none but did find some Ribena that should have been drunk in 1998, and plenty of home made wine, some of which I am drinking, and it tastes like Fino sherry.