Priestley Cup semi-final report. This mentions the names I did not in yesterday’s blog.

One thing that neither it, nor I, have mentioned is the only six of the match. A Woodlands player hit it, it missed the head of a bald bloke in front of me and a little to the side. The ball hit the concrete just behind him, bounced up, hit the underside of the verandah roof, hit the floor just by me, bounced up and I caught it and threw it to the fielder on the boundary. Exciting stuff.

Joe told me that the play on Saturday had had a lot of lines cut by the director. I do not know if a full version, with less obvious holes in the plot, would have left me happier; or made me leave before the will to live left me.

Meeting mate Martin on Saturday, and having him message me on facebook, has prompted me to link to his splendid Bradford Eye site.