June 2012

Congratulations to Sir Kenneth Branagh; I doubt the fact that he endorsed and paid for a copy of my first book (Walburgas – forgetting forgiving poetry and pictures) was part of the assessment, but I will always be grateful. A good man with his feet well planted.

… I find myself in times of trouble…

I have just seen a bat through my window. Things always seem better when I see a bat at my house, but before it is because I am sat outside worrying about my house. I should be worried about my house; but I am more worried that the bat is out in near daylight (twilight fading to night as I type).

As I said on the long dead bradwan blog: I hated having bought this house after I did; until I saw a bat. No rhyme or reason; but like rhyme (and reason if truth be told) a reason for living, and not for dying, is for a lucky man.

Am carrying alcohol.

Think I mentioned having my coal hole cover stolen by metal thieves (scum almost as low as those that abuse children). I had to fill the hole left with cement and stone.

I was on the Sparrow Beer Cafe this afternoon, and back in an hour after the shortest ever visit to Baildon.

My mother is OK. Failings: mean my roof needs money, as do my teeth. The rest of my life needs the alcohol.

I went to York on Saturday with Anzir, then on to Scarborough to see Bev dancing. The film is of a flash-butt rail welder, and features a massive crowbar!

Parcel Yard following my tweets! Hi. Please stop price gouging-Betjeman at St. P’s 30p less, & look at gents. Have sign so men can re-find the bar & close air-conditioning unit door before men make smell. Beer good though.

Am on the journey ‘home’. Nicest event was selling a Little Red Book to Alex, on the Thameslink train, for stamps; that being all she had. I forgot to sign it, so a rare one. 

Also listened to 3 black lasses talking. One got told of by the others for claiming one of the tribes in her country was mean and shallow; and I learn that black folk darken in the sun. 

Got pint of ordinary, 4%, Butcombe bitter at the Parcel Yard. It cost four (4) flecking quid. Robbing rapscallions!

Watkins’ walks 3 – Galloping Glyn’s annual Brighouse bluebell walk:

The route is on googlemaps:

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