Another day of journey, with a chance to help people in a big way.

Got the 10.22 Grand Central to Kings Cross. A couple called Mick and Hilary joined my table at Mirfield. Turns out he was a massive J.L.Carr fan, or rather a fan of Carr’s Dictionary of Extra-ordinary English cricketers.. He knew almost nothing else about Carr, so after I sold him a Wayne Jacobs Little Red Head Book, that I just happened to have on me, I wrote the things he needed to find out more (The Last Englishman. He is also a fan of Peter Tinniswood. He is also in his local Probus club, and Hilary was chair of her WI, so I might get some talk bookings in Mirfield.

Just by chance I was arriving in London about an hour before Bev was due at Euston with all her grandchildren on the way from Chester to Essex. I met them off the train and took them to the Underground station they needed, which saved them, as Euston Square in not Euston and nothing in the station tells you where it is, or even that you need it for Circle Line trains. If I had not got to Euston by Tube I would not have found it either, and even getting there by Tube left me lost when I got to the street after following the sign for Euston Station. The was no sign I could see on the street, and the maps on the bus stop did not show it either, coz it was too far away. I found it, but it took time.

So Bev &c got to Liverpool St in time. I then decided to get the Tube to Whitechapel and the Overground to West Croydon. The Tube was Hammersmith and City, which leaves from the same platform as the Circle. I got on and after the train left an elderly, I think, Japanese lady asked me how to get to Gloucester Rd. I told he she was on the wrong train and had to get off at the next station and go back to Liverpool St. Then an American asked me about Tower Hill, and then it turned out he had been put on the wrong train by a twat in a uniform! I actually announced Aldgate East, change here for the train on the other platform going back to Liverpool St for Circle Line trains to Gloucester Rd, Tower Hill, Victoria and South Kensington. About a dozen people got off as a result, and one of the passengers left on congratulated me.

I even managed to plant some onion setts before I set off.