The Pacel Yard is the new boozer at Kings Cross. It is a Fullers pub.

St Panras was ‘made new’ by extending down into the vast beer cellar, which was originally created because the Midland Railway, who built it, wanted to run their lines over the Regent Canal, so they raised the station up into the air. This vast space has allowed many shops to be there, but the biggest change are new lines to Europe, Kent, and for Thameslink. That has meant 3 new stations have been added, with entrances in different parts of the building. That makes it comfusing and involves lots of climbing.

Kings Cross has extended sideways. It was always two sets of platforms with folk hanging aroun at the ends. Now they can do that up the far big new side area. The Pacel Yard is up the steps at the north, top, end of this area.

Yesterday was the officially the first day open. They have a full range of Fullers beers, including the Gales beers, and some guests. The floors are recovered wood and it has tat kind ‘built old’ look and feels like an old station boozer, no bad thing. It has an upstairs restaurant. I talked beer to a bloke from Belguim and another from Quebec. I will be going again.