I had had a glass of rose with my mother before leaving yesterday, leaving half a bottle for her and my brother when he arrived to carry on [e]Ma Watch[/e].

Combined with the beer at [e]The Parcel Yard[/e] that made me relaxed for the train to Leeds. I was at a table with three lads from Pontefract who had been to see Paul Weller at Chalk Farm. I conquered my shyness when they were asking the guard about an onward ticket they had been mis-sold on the train down, and gave advice about getting their money back. The chatty one also asked about the best way to get cheap tickets to London and I was more than happy to advise.

We ended up talking about Rugby League, the were all Castleford fans. There were a young couple sat by the window on the table opposite and after a while the young lass climbed into the aisle, bumped into me, and joined the conversation. Turns out they were also League fans, she Wigan and him Leeds. It was nice to start something, and it made me want to go and see some League, although not Super League, which is a game played by lions and led by donkeys. I fancy Featherstone or Batley, or maybe Keighley.