February 2012

Met John, the mad accountant, and Noel in the Sparrow today. Beer was taken, including a splendid Robinsons’ bottled beer ‘designed’ by the band Elbow. I Know nothing of Elbow (or more probably elbow) but I liked their beer, so will try and hear their music.

On the way there I was on the bus listening to a group of two very young adults and children (it being half term, for my American reader(s) that is a short break in the middle of, what I think you call, a semester,). They were discussing where they should go, and if they could get there on the tickets they had. A young bloke across the aisle from me got up, walked to where they were sat, told he was an ex bus driver, and told them what they needed to know.

They had been talking of the Leeds Armouries for a while when the female adult said: Yeah, we’re going to see loads of old guns. At which point the two young lads who had taken no part in the discussion shouted: Guns? Yeah!

A little later the ‘almost, babe in arms said:

Chocolate potato!

Where have you seen chocolate potato? … It says cheesy potato! (much laughter).

I quite fancy a chocolate potato.

I went to Morrisions to buy a good chunk of parmesan (only £2.50) and then went to read the labels in the spirit aisle. There were a group of young students, I guess from China. They were buying their first ever bottle of whiskey. I offered advice and tried to explain the making of it. I asked if any were doing chemistry. A universal and shocked ‘No!’ followed.

I hope they enjoy their Famous Grouse half bottle enough to try the malts I was urging.

Went with my Bev to the hospital for a blood test. Afterwards we went to Orlandos, where we had a splendid meal. Good, straight forward food, done well. I had meatball starter, spaghetti bolognese, and most of a half litre of house red; adding the majority of the free bread, and Bev’s unwanted onions.

I could not finish my spaghetti! It was one of the few times in my life where I saw the sense in brandy after a meal; thought this time it was rum when we got home. I think it must help the stomach to forget you have tried to make it explode (and I did eat the free chocolate at the end: good job it was not a Waffer thin mint.

Later in the evening I trumped even my record shattering standard.

Earlier in the day I discovered my Kodak worst print I have ever owned ESP 3200 had given up even scanning; making it the most expensive shoddy black plastic box I have ever bought. Kodak worst print I have ever owned are a scum bucket company. Do a websearch and discover how they closed down their American plant and moved to the cheapest China can make, and lying by television.

I gave an illustrated talk to the Horton Bank Methodist Ladies Circle tonight under the title of this blog.

The show was basically a more focused version of the J.L.Carr shows I have done in the past. It was the story of Carr and the film A Month in the Country, with plenty of asides but almost no poetry. It was also the first time I had done a ‘talk’ with projected images.

It was a good night. The woman in the chair described it as Really entertaining; and I don’t think you paused for breath once! I had to carry a lot of stuff (I guess over 5kg) but it was good practise for Walburgas.

I was given a good cup of tea, some grand fruit cake, and a piece of cheese; something that improves fruit cake beyond measure.

For more on the background to the talk see this Daily Telegraph article, and this youtube clip (I get a name check at the end).

A sure sign of spring sprunging is seeing the goats returned to Baildon Green. They were there today, with one of them on her front knees nibbling the grass.

It has been the warmest day for ages.

Reports of the death of my 14 month old LC mobile have been greatly exaggerated. So I can go back to dithering about getting a smart phone.

I was on the cusp of buying an iPhone 3GS, expensive, even second hand, but able to coordinate with my mac. Found out recently that to sinc an iphone and mac I have to pay apple a regular fee to use icloud, which seems as safe as paper houses (I am having a nightmare with just one apple id); or I use google, in which case I do not need an iphone!

I was on the sofa yesterday evening, half working on a laptop and half listening to Call the Midwife on the telly. They had a death scene, with voiceover. I was switched back to my dad’s last breath, and started crying. I am glad I was where I was.

This year’s Walburgas card is posted at the show’s blog. I will probably post it here as well soon.

I signed off today. Went to dentist before I did. Have done Walburgas image and poem. The late afternoon sunlight yesterday made the trees on the side of Baildon Bank look like I was watching them through a stereoscope. Also saw the birches with red shoots, like in Finland at winter’s end.

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