Yesterday I carried 11kg of stuff around Kings Cross and Clerkenwell.

It was one of those kinds of days that you can remember as being a joy, a grind, or both at the same time. I need to check measurements at the venue for Saturday’s show (The Betsey Trotwood) and went around some of the other pubs with leaflets. I had a far time, but was also carrying a heavy weight, physically and emotionally to some degree. I am good at engaging with strangers, but I am not reaching them through listings or media coverage. Until I do I will have to walk around pubs and talk.

In the Horseshoe a couple of lads suggested I post a flyer through the letterbox of a famous person who lives across the road, and they took me outside to point out the building. I wrote a card, but when I got there I discovered rich people no longer have letter boxes, presumably so angry people cannot shit through them. I had to put a stamp on and post it from Three Bridges.