I am wondering whether I should start a different blog called:

State of the Ma

That would allow me to separately record my mother’s health, and whether she was presently in or out of hospital.

She is presently out, but spent a lot of yesterday in with a baldly broken wrist.

I do not have details of the accident yet. She was alone but called an ambulance. My bro Basil coincidently got there in the late afternoon after she had gone, unfortunately he did not have a mobile and that caused a lot of difficulties.

She got taken to the local Crawley Hospital, then got sent in a taxi to East Surrey Hospital, where 2 nurses and 2 doctors reset the bones by pulling and twisting. She then was told to clear off home. Basil was lucky that a neighbour was happy to drive because we could not see any other way of getting her home except by taxi, if the hospital refused to do anything about it.

Today she is in some pain but has already tried to crochet with her one working hand.