Saw Ma. She is very well, apart from gashes on both her legs, one of them very bad. She is walking, and talking, but will be in hospital for at least the weekend and some days. I did not talk to any medical staff but from from what she said to me, and my brother as well, it seems that she needs a skin graft, and there is also a danger of thrombosis.

It is strange being in this house when empty but for me; although there is also the budgie, which I am trying to teach to say: I want a shag!; because that clearly is the thought that fills most of his waking hours; proved by my mother’s claim that she has to clean his sticky squirtings off the plastic budgie she put in (against my advice).

So everything is up in the air, and for all of the family for different reasons.

In the short term it could be a chance for me to get work done. Tomorrow I will try and get stuff sent to the listings organisations about Walburgas. I also need to make a start on the Walburgas card. After that I could do some decorating, and try and start on a website.

In the longer term it should be a chance to change some of our mother’s habits. Nothing like tagging or installing cctv and a loudspeaker so she can be shouted at when she starts something daft and dangerous (Step away from the ladder!), but I may use that as a threat.