I am writing, and hopefully posting, this on a train. The first time I have done so. The reason being that WiFi is free on Grand Central.

Ma seems OK, although I will not be seeing her until tomorrow. Hopefully I will then be able to get an opinion as to how long she will be in hospital, and what aftercare she will need. Until we get that almost all plans, apart from the Walburgas show on the 25th Feb., are on hold.

Having said that I will definitely be signing off in a fortnight to start on the New Enterprise Allowance scheme. It could be a big change for the better, but even if it is only more of the same I will be able to respond to changes and opportunities without having to worry about threats from the dole.

It has just started hailing, so has the train. I am sat under an icy air conditioning draft.

As for me: I am waking up during the night and having to work out where I actually am.