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Walburgas Day page

Journey back was nice and relaxed, and had a chat with Jessica who is studying the poetry of Canada and Australia (who was surprised that Banjo Patterson was friendly with Rudyard Kipling) and a bloke who knew Lea Green (Blackheath’s pikey neighbour, where I once tried to do a show).

I was back for a few hours when I got a call from mother’s GP saying she had tripped and cut her leg (I bet it was on the bloody trolley I should have destroyed like I promised here the last time she ripped her leg on it).

She was sent to East Surrey hospital trolley park. No danger but she will need plastic surgery on the tear. Basil was near by and held the fort despite having a full plate himself. I could have set off straight away and got down after midnight but it would have cost in many ways.

I am sorting my tax return. I did it once yesterday and discovered I had done the wrong year! I am also trying to make sure I am not caught out when I sign off, which might be tomorrow.

So another trip down soon. Bev is also busy with things in her family. Strange times.