I went to South Milford on Friday for the first time in 18th months or more. I was South Milford Poet of Fete for the first two years of the newly resurrected village fete. I was asked to get involved because of my connection with J.L.Carr”, which the driving force (Laura) knew about because of me finding the film of best novel.

I had lost all touch with the village so the trip was to catch up.

The best news was that Don Bramley, farmer and author, was alive and well. I called him from the station. He invited me round but told me that I could have had lunch if I had been there an hour earlier. It was probably best that I missed lunch. I barely managed to eat what I was given seeing I was fed so much , I could not have managed to have eaten a full meal.

The bad news is that the decent bloke who was running the Black Bull has gone. I got on really well with him, and he seemed to be doing the right things very well, but running a pub is a grim trade now.

Laura has also gone, her husband got a promotion to run a Scoittish radio station, possibly BBC Scotland. That may explain why the Fete did not happen last year.

I intended to walk to Micklefield, but by the time I got to the edge of the village the hail was coming straight at me. It did not last long, but long enough for me to retreat like Napoleon from Moscow.

I then went to Ilkley, where I w2as delighted to discover that Vic is still running the Midland.