In the last World War my father was a cabin boy on a Norwegian oil tanker. His ship was sunk by a u-boat. He was one of, I think, 5 survivors.

He probably already had mental health issues before he ran away to sea, it would be surprising if he did not considering what we can piece together about his appalling childhood, or rather his first years, he had little chance to be a child.

Even if he was not psychologically damaged before the war, the sinking shot his nerves to pieces. He never had any help with his mental health, and would have gone wild, literally, if it had been suggested he needed any.

He suffered from periods of jealousy which at its worse was paranoid paranoid schizophrenia.

My mother did not help him, she had her own traumas from the war for one thing, and like him thought men just had to pull themselves together. They never talked about what they were actually feeling On the other hand she did she leave him. In his final years he managed to lose most of his demons.