For a while I have been meaning to do a deep think blog about why my family is more than usually metal. I have been deep thinking about it. Then things happen that make me realise that my family is one amongst billions, and that I have a Swiss Army Life that allows me to get the stones out of the hoovesa of other mad family’s hobby horses; or at least gives me the illusion that I can, a little after I had been kicked in the nads and been left sore. and bleeding from the fact I had cut the ends of my fingers off in the time I thought |I knew what I was doing.

Have come back from the Bulls Head in Baildon, where I sang harmony to Scouse Paul and his five string guitar (it came from the same secret place as the Australian hat, down the corriedor I’ve never been down).

Turned a tv on when I got back to my kiop and discovered Quadrophenia. Not seen it since it was in the cinema. It is good. All the tricks that makes British ‘hard edge’ films so shite now. look good from when they were young. I never had a fight on Brighton beach, but I did crawl sobbing across the foot breaking rocks after seeing in the new year by going for a swim, with mates, but my mates did not need glasses; although I do have to admit that I did scrap the face of a man in Brighton on a cement rendered wall. He and his friends had followed me and my mates. The bloke did take the slowest swing I am ever likely to see.