Did the Brighouse – Elland walk. Saw an otter!

Got a First (bloodsuckers) Bus all day ticket on Manchester Road.

As usual I got a pie at Jones the buther (pork, apple and stuffing) and salad sandwich at the Yorkshire stylee deli.

Maybe because it was late autumn light I could see into the canal at lots of places, for the first time, but did not see a single fish.
Got a great bacon butty from a van near the Avocet factory/warehouse, at the end of the water sking lake. It is run by a really chatty young bloke. He had been so busy he had had to go buy extra bread.
Then onto the River Calder there was a group of youths in open canoes. The couple of lads at the back were slightly faster than a parplygic, but only as long as the paraplygic had never tried canoing before.

I sat down to eat my butty at the usual place, across the river from a massive, concrete, railway retaining wall. I had finished eating when I saw a wake in the water at the far side of the river, going up stream. I thought water vole, but it jumped on the bank and showed itself to be a big, black otter. I jumped up and said “Bloody hell!” It got back in the river and vanished underwater. I did have a tree partly blocking my view, but it is a small tree, and I would have thought I could see where the otter came up, but I did not.

I popped into the Barge & Barrel, had a bit of a chat. There was a gang of aged yobbos, all connected with the pub trade. Chris, ex-owner of more pubs than I have had squid dinners, was particularly entertaining.