I only did a few hours work today but they left me shattered. I used the Borsh to cut a third off the kitchen unit door (including the metal handle strip), trim the already cut unit, and cut a hole for the new washing machine’s plug through the thick work-top (after drilling five holes).

I then refitted the end wall of the unit with a drill and a hammer and re-hung the door; then sanded and vacuumed.

All other plans for the day were then abandoned. Exhaustion would have made the last bits of cutting dangerous, if the tool was a jig or circular saw, and was still getting risky.

The result is good of all the work is good. It is not perfect, and I doubt the drawer would work if I cut that down, but ma still has a usable cupboard, and the worktop is supported. The representative of the firm sending a man to fix the tap and trap for the washing mating, and replace taps ma can nolonger turn, never got the difficulties with making a space for the machine. The unit I have been working on could not be just taken out, and even if it could there would then be nothing holding the worktop up.

It is a bit off a shame I could not do the plumbing as well, but getting the time at the right time is a bit of a nightmare.