I have been to a meeting in London, at the Chandos near Charing Cross twice. First time I got to the Chandos R 11.30 I realised that I did not have John’s number; and I have no mobile internet access.

I travelled back to my computer to do the checking of e-mail I should have done this morning, despite trying to figure out how to burn a dvd from iMovie and fending off having to deal with my mother’s latest worry wart.

The e-mail revealed I should be in the Chandos at 17.00 rather than have been at 12.00. I got a taxi back to Three Bridges, got on a train, but discovered it was one of the two trains a day to Bedford that do not call at London Bridge,. I then walked from Blackfriars via the Temple’s.

I would happily meet with John regardless of gain, but I may now gain work from meeting him.

Also called in at the Harp and the Porcupine.

Was so low in sugar I had flashing lights on Arden Road, but am now fine; and the adrenalin and rushing means the alcohol has probably been burnt.