Bradford Playhouse has a license to trade for 3 months under the control of John Tempest and Rob Walters.

I made the Boots (the chemist) next to my GP at least acknowledge that their current, in shop, procedure may be slightly faulty.

Signed on, discovered the agency making money from self employment coaching claimed not have received the form faxed the last time I signed on. I then answered a questionnaire, which I enjoyed, and which ended with the comment (and she did write down what I actually said) that The whole process is ill thought out, ill written, and ill applied. I do not shoot the messenger.

I did, however, prove to be a bit of a knob when I got on the wrong bus. I thought it would take me to where all the buses to Baildon would leave, rather than the bottom of the street my street is, sort of, off.

I have managed to contribute and answer to a question prompted by the message what I writ in the last blog. You are almost certainly better able to find my last boy than I am in my present (unwrap it and see) state.

It seems a long time since I was blathered, and a long time since I was ill enough to write about it for more than a single blog. I may try and read my own blogs. Bed is nore likely, after drink