I wanted to go to the British Film Institute showing of A Month in the Country yesterday, but it would have been too much after the day before and the days to come. It is a shame, especially as the producer of the film. Kenith Trodd (I was at this event and get a name check at the end), wrote to tell me about the showing. On the other hand there was no event attached as it was part of a tribute season to the screenwriter Simon Gray, who I talked to at the last but one showing of AMitC.

The truth is that the stuff I did about AMitC and J.L.Carr (who wrote the novel the film was based on) all seems a long time ago. The film is now on youtube, which lessens the need for a re-release of the DVD, and doing a new, Carr linked, show has lacked both urge and opportunity; and I must have both.

Not going meant I could do more cider making. The stuff I started last week is making more gas than even I can manage.

I also went looking for another 2nd hand ipod at the shop where I bought ma’s; it being much cheaper than e-bay. I was not surprised that they had none.