July 2011

I once had a girlfriend baht ‘at
Who caught a cold that laid her quite flat
Now she’s worms clear to the bone
And I scoff duck alone
And there’s nowt I can do about that!

Glyn Watkins, written in the hour before appearing on ACT Now

I did a first aid course, fussed over a cat, and appeared on radio on Joe Ogden’s Act Now show on BCB.

I did two poems for the show, about hat throwing. They will follow.

I have a cat living with me for the first time in many years, since Emmy died. He is Ziggy, Bev’s oldest. She is having woodworm treatment and cannot have her cats in the house for 48 hours after it is done. She tooker the younger cat, Charlie to the vets for cat flu jabs but did not want to take Ziggy because of his age, and without jabs no cattery would take him.

We all shared a taxi to the cattery, where Bev got out with the moaning Charlie, then me and Ziggy carried on to my place. He slept in the taxi and most of the time since arriving. I fed him chicken and generally made him purr.

This is the most normal weekend we have had for months; and the least stress for me..

My tweet about the Yorkshire Open Hat Throwing Competition has been retweeted by Richard #Steadman, a first for me.

The Yorkshire Open Hat Throwing Championship is at White Wells Ilkley. 11.30 30.7.11.

Entry by donation, half to Seeing Hands Nepal. See Facebook event page

I had an interview this morning about Housing Benefit. I can do no more, and if they reject my claim I have grounds for action; but to be fair: the bloke doing the interview did his job very well; and afterwards I was totally relaxed for the first time in a very long time.

Spent time with Joe at BCB learning about how they manage WAV files; then treated him in the Sparrow Bier Cafe.

Then to Ilkley to meet with Sue of Healing Hands Nepal.

Yorkshire Hat Throwing Day at White Wells, Ilkley, 30th July, 11.30. In aid of Healing Hands Nepal

All details to be confirmed, but that will be done by tomorrow evening. Entry by donation on the day.

I have had less than 8 pints.

I went into ‘college’ today to hand in coursework for the horticulture course. Today was the day to actually do it but I was not sure I would be back so did it all as best I could.

I then went to hand in a letter asking that the summons for follow payment of £600 Council Tax be delayed while I tried to sort out the paperwork (I will owe no more than £60). It took over an hour, and I had to agree to pay a debt I do not even owe yet at £20 a month. I left feeling sick.

Back to college, where I sat and listen to people being told to read the question; then being told to write far more than the question asked. I left very quietly.

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