A lot would has gone on since the blog before the last, but my auntie dying makes what else happened hard to remember.

I have been talking a lot to my mother and have been a comfort. I have also had some chats with my father about things other than his usual. One of the things I discovered was that his mother kept cats, and enjoyed killing the fleas she combed out from under their chins.

As a note to self. I have discovered I can theoretically do the station to station journey from Three Bridges to Bradford in 4 hours 3 minutes, with a bit of running at Leeds; so door to door in 4 and a half hours should be just do-able.

Saw Bev dancing with Rainbow on Saturday. It was supposed to be outdoors but rain caused everything to be moved to a local club. The audience were very close which scared some, but they did really well, and were well received.

I am struggling to tune the ukulele, let alone play it.