The radio show was ok, but it was held together by the guests. The guy hosting it had come prepared with copies of news stories he wanted to discus and he talked us through them. I nearly left then. As I pointed out there was nothing funny and little local. Who cares what I think about international news items none of us knew much about? As I told him, if the audience are not interested in local news why are they listening to Bradford Community Broadcasting.

Instead of introducing everyone at the start the host asked questions of each guest, and unless you are introduced you should not talk on this kind of show. Also he wanted all discussion to go through him, so not a round table. So 13 minutes before I got a word or mention, and he held up his red pen at me latter to stop me trying to rescue Corrine from Horworth Cat Rescue from a long question about Bradford City; of which she knew little. He also demanded that I do a poem without notice; which is bad manners and management.

On the other hand the guests were good and interacted, and the host was steady, but frankly boring, and that is likely to be what the show is if none of the guests talk to each other.

Afterward I finally found The Sparrow Bier Cafe. It is good and much needed at the top end of Bradford.