I am due to be live on BCB’s lunchtime roundtable radio show tomorrow, 27th May.

I must have had the same cold as Bev, we were ill for the same length of time and both had one full day in bed, and nearly all the symptoms were the same; apart from phlegm, which I alone had.

Me saying this is not just about me and my family’s need to disgust. It is actually a bit of a challenge to the way I have measured my own illnesses. If I did not have phlegm it was a cold, if I did, it was something worse. It is obvious to me now that that is too simplistic, and probably wrong. This time I must have got an an infection on top of the cold. Lazy doctor’s would explain it by diabetes, and most women probably by the fact that I am a man.

I spent the illness at Bev’s house, so I had warmth, cats and a telly.

I spent the last couple of days helping to move Bev’s ma from a bad but big granny flat to a smaller and much better one a few hundred yards away. The closeness was worst part of the move. A removal firm were hired, and the assumption was it would be easy to do in a day. That was very wrong, especially as it was also decided to clear the old flat, rather than pay the council to clear it.

I spent the big moving day at Bev’s so the stuff Bev was taking (including a bed to pass on) could be brought, and to let a woodworm checker in. I doubt I could have added anything but frustration anyway, and certainly could not have made the job do-able in a day.

I was called in on the second day to rescue a display cabinet, that had had a glass shelf jammed solidly askew, which I did with my Swiss Army knife and furniture polish. That allowed a couple of the dozen boxes of ornaments to be unpacked. I also put shelves up, smashed things with a mallet so they could be taken to the tip, and carried stuff to the new flat because there was only one car.

I then walked from Charlestown to Baildon carrying Bev’s tools and stuff I was taking away. The result was me downing a pint in one for the first time in ages. It was in the Malt Shovel and only the non-talking barmaid noticed.

I think I helped a bit. It actually went a lot better than I would have imagined, and serves as a benchmark if I have to do the same for my parents.