I have been catching up on jobs in my own house. I can see no more of my bedroom floor than I could last night, but my bath is the cleanest it has been for years.

There was a celebration last night of Bradford City winning the F.A. Cup in 1911. This was an exact copy of a City Gent event a decade ago; which was organized by Mark Neale, with a script written and produced by me. Neither Mark nor I would not want to claim intellectual property rights, but we both feel very let down that the guy doing the copy claims he and his new best pals made it all up themselves. He was involved but did very little, and ‘forgetting’ it is clearly a deliberate attempt to airbrush out what we did.

I have talked to Mark about this, and neither of is really surprised. Bradford City may still be relegated to non-league, like me and Mark have been relegated to non-friends.