I have seen my Bev dancing twice this weekend. In Otley yesterday, and Roberts Park, Saltaire today. Nice weekend.

Otley was at the Courthouse for a Green Day, which was toss. Last year they had stalls selling things, this year it was just groups giving leaflets. The cafe is run by volunteers, who are useless; so they are free but unsackable. The whole place feels like it is choking on its own worthiness; and there was a pathetic number of people to watch.

On the plus side I go to the newly reopened Fleece, where I had a very good Welsh cider and a splendid pint of Great Heck.

I also had two very good pork pies, Wilkinsons (who have a shop in Ilkley and have been praised here before) and the new, to me, Weegmann, who do a very fine pie.

Today was a lovely day and, despite physical gardening, and other things, it was the first day not feeling worn out, for weeks.