On the train from Kings Cross on Thursday there was a very young (mid teens) couple arcoss the aisle from me.Both had expensive hand held tech. He montioned that we were passing under the Eurostar tunnel, had to explane what Eurostar was. She exclaimed: Can you get a train to France now!?

The family all seemed well enough when I left. A few days earlier we were all coughing at the same time afer we had gone to bed.

Did the bluebell walk from the Holmbush to Little Haven. I did not have my mobile, so could not call Tamar at the Branagh office, but did have Basil with me for the first time; so learnt the names of a few more flowers.

Had signed back on; and that is going to be a nightmare; but despite that I am glad to be home, or at a home, one where I can spend time mowing dandelions.