My brother, Basil, is now helping with the work. He has never used a heat gun before, there has been no call for it in his monastery, but has turned out to be a natural born stripper.

I am missing Bev and was not feeling good about this job, but with the help of Basil and some new paints from Brewers (a proper shop for paints) there is now a prospect of a decent finish.

Yesterday I cut my dad’s hair and then vacuumed him to save him the trouble of brushing himself down outside. Ma was away at the Orthodox church at Brookwood. A nurse was supposed to come and give my dad his insulin, but none came. I injected it, but was not happy doing so. I need to remember to phone and find out what happened.

Ma came back from church with laryngitis. Today I forced her to stop talking, often. It is the least I can do for her, help her get better quicker, by not talking.