Hardly any phlegm this morning, but I have spent the last two days trying to catch up with work, and it is a bit of a styruggle; especially as the Homebase gloss (chosen for colour, not price) is like painting with runny shit. It is the worst I can remember using. 14 hours drying and it still moves and wrinkles when I pick the door up! If I had a car (and could drive) I would have taken it back this morning; but it is a bus and a thousand paces each way.

The only other diy store I can reach is B&Q, and they are not much of an alternative. They have no till staff, and no proper means of selling, and their Harris ‘premier’ (slightly more expensive than the cheap and cheapest brushes made in the same Chinese factory) sheds hairs fast than a dog with mange.

I have been doing most of the stripping and painting outdoors, in the sun. The sound of the hot air gun seems to do something to the blue tits! Though they are such argumentative little buggers that they make have been getting excited anyway, regardless of the noise.