I have two small ponds in my garden made from large, plastic plant tubs. One of them has water weed (I forget the kind) and has been emptying really quickly, even when it has been raining. I was sure it was not a leak, so thought it might be cats and dogs drinking, but they would be flipping thirsty.

My garden has always been marginal for birds, but I now have a blackbird pair foraging in it; the male with large white patches. Today I saw it having a bloody good bath while sitting on the pond weed. I then remembered seeing a magpie sitting on the edge a little while ago. The blackbird was spraying enough water to lower the level, if magpies are doing it as well I no dog drinkers to explain the loss.

Finding a web host is proving a hell of a job. The comparision sites all seem to be paid for by host companies. It is the only reason I can see for some being top of satisfaction ratings, but proving to be hated by all the previous users once you do a name+review search. That is even before you look at what they offer and the price.

I have had an invite to do Hat Throwing in Leeds this summer. I am waiting to hear more.