As a note to myself about last week: BLOODY DRAINS.
I spent 6 or more hours in my cellar unblocking the drain. I have replaced all my own plumbing, apart from the the main into the house, and the last parts of the drains out; and the one that takes the kitchen water through the cellar wall is the bastard. I can’t replace it without major stone shifting and digging.

I overheard a lass telling her bloke off for drawing a heart on the sittingroom window. He got a laugh when he told her he’d done it before Christmas. She replied that cleaning the window was yard work, and thus his job. He won by telling her he had done it on the inside, back to front, so she could read it has she was starting up her Honda 125 to go down the hill to work in Shipley.

We spent a good day in Leeds yesterday. I needed to pick up train tickets from that station (I cannot get them from any Bradford station), but also wanted to see Mellium Square, with a view to doing a Hat Throwing. We had brief looks at Leeds Gallery and the new City Museum, and had the the biggest scones we could remember in the cafe. The square could host a competitions, but it would need good council support to be big. Ilkley Moor on the other hand has no minimum size to work.

We discovered two nw, to me, pubs down alleys. The Angle and the Ship. We ended up getting another £10 tray of meat from the market. A bargain, but not as good as the last lot we got froim the stame shop.

The lesser celandine has started flowering in my garden, which is, to me, the sign of spring really starting.