I have found a placement, so escape the bearpit of the course for 4 ddays a week. There seems to be fall-out from what happened last week, but I would rather not have to be part of the resulting atmosphere.

I am in an office with people I mostly know. In my first full day I gave advice about setting up as self-employed, with particular reference to doing so while claiming benefits (you can do it, but you have to be aware that system copes badly with self-employment; that there are lots of supposed rules’ and they will almost certainly stop payment at random, but that there are only a few things that you have to keep at the front of the mind, and that proper accounts are important).

I also set up a hotmail account and gave coaching for someone who had never sent an e-mail.

I even managed to apply for jobs, something next to impossible foir me on the course.

I met Martin of Bradford Eye in town a few days ago. He said he was missing the bradwan site, which was nice. I have let finding a new home slip. The truth is that this wordpress blog seems to be enough, but if I am not doing a show or promoting specifics I need more, but for most things a single page would be enough. Bringing the whole bradwan site back to life will cost a lot of time, and some money. Replacing it with a single page noticeboard would be easier and much cheaper.