A decadent weekend, including drinking cava in bed very late on Sunday morning.

I did a good show and had a nice audience. I am getting better, and if I start doing shows more often they will be polished into something that could go on the road, with backing; but backing is the key.

Bev was a rock for this one, June at St. Walburgas’ Primary School was lovely, and the fact the local priest was in the audience and was entertained and informed) means I probably would get a much larger audience if I did the show there next Walburgas Day. My mate Mark Neale also stepping in with a vital lift when I left Critical equipment at home (I wrote a check-list but did not use it properly; an other learning point).

So I can rely on friends for every show, but apart from one, none of my friends is part of a team. Every show is made anew. I have been nagged in the past about doing too many kinds of shows, by someone who never took on board the fact that I had to learn how to do shows before I could try and do just one; or the fact that without backing I have to spend enormous amounts of time producing and selling any show, whether it is new or old, and cannot afford to take it far. No car and high hotel costs really does limit my options.

We have spent a lot of the weekend talking about family and neighbours that live in a bubble, but I suppose this blog, the shows, and the websites while they existed, is just one big bubble.

I will probably be off facebook for a while after today, and my be off wordpress as well.