This may read like a bellyaching blog, but I am actually quite happy, and am being productive, but have to pause to do some wondering.

Am slowly going through the ‘must do’ list for Walburgas Day. This time last year I was living on my own. That meant I could concentrate solely on Walburgas, but got much more stressed doing so.

I was already wondering then how much sense there was in me doing self created and produced shows.

The good thing about this year is that being in a relationship means I am not spending all my time fretting about the show, and I am getting emotional and practical support. So I have done less, but worried less.

After much learning in adversity I can now do very good shows, but have never been able to generate a guaranteed audience, let alone a large one. I get press coverage, and happy audiences, but do not seem able to use those to get bigger coverage or audiences for the next one.

Every show stands alone, and I have to create too many of the same things each time. I also have to face the fact that while I do get great help (for which I am very grateful) I do not have a team.

I am probably fooling myself, but I do want to work with a team. Trouble is that I seem to end up doing most things myself. To be fair: I can, and it makes things easier and cheaper, but it increases the work.

On top of the above ponderings I will have to sort out and manage my own website, or have no web presence other than facebook.