With the aid of the head torch and illuminated tweezers I fulfilled a long time ambition: to see right down someone’s ear holes. I always thought you needed one of them special tools doctors stick in your ears, but with the two I had I managed not only to see one ear drum, but see that a cotton bud had been used in the other one, resulting in wax being forced down to cover the drum.

Me and Bev went to Manchester by coach yesterday, mainly to use up a voucher National Express had sent her because of massive delays.

It was a good trip, but very tiring, and with lots of potential for fractiousness. Worst parts were the incorrect National Express timetable which nearly caused a fight, and the surely barman in the Preveril of the Peak; best bits was the fact that we managed to manage the timetable stress; the City Arms and talking about the pictures in the Gallery.