If you are reading this on my bradwan blog I am sorry for the fact it is late posted, and for the recent lack of site. Remember the blog also appears on wordpress.

Bev had a tooth out on Thursday. It was a capped molar, and had been giving her pain for a long time. Her new dentist took the crown off and had to then take everything below out. I have been trying to help by nagging her to take painkillers, and mopping out the hole with a cotton bud. Lucky I had a head torch handy. I offered to do nostril hairs after I had down, as I had a fine view and know where the good pliers are, but my offer was turned down.

We have been for two walks round Baildon, so I could point things out after reading histories. Yesterday we went up to the top of Baildon Moor. It was a fine day, though bracing, and the clime to the top was rewarded with bell pits and wonerful views. We went up along the edge of the golf course and came down via Hope Farm; then took a detour via the newly opened Cricketers Arms on Baildon Green,

We saw dozens of different birds, or rather: I saw dozens and Bev did her best to see what I was pointing at. I think there were linnets, because of pink sides, but it is very early for summer plumage. It was not a chaffinch, other suggestions welcome.

The Cricketers Looked well, and had 4 real ales (Tetleys and 3 different Saltaire Brewery’s).

Today we went down to Baildon Hall, on Hallfield Drive. It turns out I had been here before, to see Gordon Tetley’s Big Band when a toosy hotel the other side of Bingley double booked, and the band and the audience got taxis to Baildon. Bev, on the other hand, and never seen it before. It is on a dead end and cannot be well seen from anywhere except bang in front.

As we were looking at the Hall, or rather: as I was talking about it, I heard a cat calling a ‘come and stroke me, call. Ir was sat on a front step, and ran up as we walked up and I was doing cat noises. It took a good stroke. As we were walking away a different cat ran up to a garden front and demanded the same! I wondered it it had heard the first one, and like it was tired of living on a street with no strokes.

Spring is coming on. Primulas are out in the churchyard, blackbirds are fighting and bullying the songthrush of the birdtable, and the catkins are out on the hazel the table hangs from (so I guess it is not a table, a trey perhaps, or a bird bunk?).